Welcome to Mama is an Academic.  Our website is an online peer support community for mothers pursuing an academic career (or academics pursuing motherhood!).  The blog is written by academic mothers to share experiences – the good, the bad, the ugly, and the juggling.  And our resources section is a compilation of resources from around the world that we have found useful, inspiring or comforting.

We want to provide a positive resource for helping people to manage being academics and mothers, in the hope that this isn’t an unachievable thing in the longer term (of course we are all committed personally to this being totally achievable). We want to make academic motherhood visible and connected, so we can support each other.

Why ‘just’ mothers?

Whether this website should focus on mothers, or more broadly on all parents, has been the subject of much deliberation.  Overall, we feel that everyone would benefit from academia being more family friendly, not just more mother friendly.  And so over time, maybe the website will extend away from ‘just’ mothers.  However, for the moment, we feel there is reason to stick to mothers.

There are less women in academia, and fewer mothers than fathers.  It is therefore harder to find sources of support, inspiration and mentoring for academic mothers.  If we increase the visibility of academic mothers, and demonstrate how it is possible to balance the two worlds, perhaps we can prevent the massive loss of women from academia between PhD and faculty.

Women still tend to bear the brunt of care giving.  Some of this is physical – we do the pregnancy, birthing and breast feeding.  Some is cultural and social. But while it happens, we need to find a way to allow for this within our career progression.

We need a voice. Until there are mothers shaping policy and practice within academia, our needs and wishes will not be accounted for.

How to get involved

Do you have something to share about your experiences as an academic mother?  Or resources that you have found useful?  Please let us know!  We are always interested in blog posts, as long as they are about both being a mother, and being an academic.  For more information, check out the ‘Get Involved’ page.

You can contact us on mamaacad@leuphana.de